Alicia Keys on Date Nights w/Swizz, Beats from Egypt + Being Insecure!

The talented Alicia Keys stopped by HOT 97 to talk to Nessa on her Date Nights w/Swizz, getting beats from her son Egypt and being insecure and how she has embraced her flaws.

Alicia Keys is currently working on her new album that is due to come out this August.

Nessa asked if she and Swizz ever collide when making music, Alicia Keys responds that they do but in a good way! As she was workin Swizz came by to talk to her about working together but she was in the zone and wanted to write on her own, so he left and started working on his own.

As she was wrapping up she walked by where Swizz was working and the beat he created became one of the songs on her album! As they left the studio they both co-wrote and produced it as they were driving home!

When we look at women who’ve empowered others to find peace with who they are, Nessa had to ask how Alicia Keys how she got to that point and how she deals with being insecure she replied, “we’re all insecure. We’re all trying to figure out who we are.”

Check out the entire interview below.




What would you do? Where would you go? Watch the new official trailer for LET ME IN starring Alicia Keys releasing worldwide on June 20.

There are more refugees in the world today than at any point in history. And half of them are children. LET ME IN is a cinematic experience which reimagines the refugee crisis as if it was happening on America’s shores. Written and directed by Jonathan Olinger, this tale of survival and the remarkable power of the human spirit is inspired by the stories of real refugees. Starring Alicia Keys, the film follows her and her family’s quest to survive after they experience unimaginable violence and embark on a journey that will forever change them. Along with thousands of Americans fleeing the conflict in Los Angeles, they must seek safety by attempting to cross the border into Mexico. Guided by their resolute love for each other and utter determination, the refugee family must navigate oceans and desserts in their unrelenting pursuit to find refuge and reunite.

We Are Here and HUMAN present LET ME IN, a Jonathan Olinger film, produced by Mike Peay alongside Chelsea Franklin and Hannah Roodman. The film introduces Naliyah Vega alongside Ricardo Martin. The film’s executive producers are Leigh Blake, Alicia Keys and Erika Rose Santoro. The film’s soundtrack is a new song, “Hallelujah,” off Alicia Keys’ upcoming album to be released later this summer.

LET ME IN premieres online worldwide on June 20, World Refugee Day.




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