As a respected community advocate and mentor, Nessa is known for her youth empowerment work and women’s health advocacy. In 2015, she and her partner, Colin Kaepernick, founded Know Your Rights Camp, a non-profit organization dedicated to advancing the liberation and well-being of Black and Brown communities.

Nessa On Air Scholarship/Mentorship Program

In 2018, Nessa established her Nessa On Air Scholarship & Mentorship Program to serve the youth of the Lower Eastside Girls Club of NY. Each school year, five high school-aged youth from the Club are invited to participate in the program and receive mentorship in the areas of college and career and practitioner education in the areas of journalism and social justice. The skills that youth gain throughout the program culminate in them conducting a high-profile interview with a guest of their choice at Nessa’s HOT 97 studio. Participants leave the program with a scholarship funded by Nessa that can be used toward their upcoming school year. The Nessa On Air Scholarship & Mentorship Program is truly one of the highlights of Nessa’s work.

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