The Nessa Off Air Podcast is all of the things that people think but won’t say. From dissecting pop culture and societal issues, to life drama. Join celebrities and industry experts sharing their insights and talking shi*t while we figure out life.



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Recent Episodes

  • HOW TO FIND THE ONE with Matthew Hussey | Nessa Off Air Ep. 49

    Join us for this special episode of Nessa Off Air as we go deep into romantic relationships with New York Times Best-Selling Author & Relationship Coach Matthew Hussey! We’ll explore that intricacies of love and life and tackle some tough conversations about our own journeys to learn to love ourselves and those around us. Be sure to LISTEN NOW or WATCH this week’s episode on YouTube at

  • WHO WON??? DRAKE OR KENDRICK after “The Heart Part 6 | Nessa Off Air Ep. 48

    Check out our FIRST REACTIONS to Drake latest (and final?) track in this feud!!! We’ll break down the lyrics as we crown a winner in this incredible back and forth of diss tracks between #kendricklamar and #drake

    In case you missed our last reaction video to Kendrick Lamar’s track “Not Like Us” check it out at #drake #kendricklamar #response #nessaoffair #podcast #reactionvideo

  • First Reactions to Kendrick’s “Not Like Us” | Nessa Off Air Ep. 47

    Wow, Kendrick is not letting up!!! Watch our live reactions (and dance moves) as we listen to his song “Not Like Us” for the first time together!!! On the heels of “Meet the Grahams”, #KendrickLamar follows back up the next day with “Not Like Us” a #DJMustard produced song with a little bit of bounce to it! See our initial reactions and see who we think is up right now as we rank all the songs #Drake and #Kendrick have dropped so far. Who do you think is up?

    WATCH the FULL EPISODE or LISTEN everywhere you get your podcasts. #drake #kendricklamar #response #nessaoffair #podcast #jcole

  • Drake’s FAMILY MATTERS vs Kendrick’s MEET THE GRAHAMS | Nessa Off Air Ep. 46

    What a WILD night!!! WATCH OUR LIVE REACTIONS!!! Just as #Drake finally responds to #KendricLlamar with a 7-minute track AND music video and seemingly came out on top in this feud, Kendrick almost IMMEDIATELY follows up with ANOTHER track that goes at DRAKE’S WHOLE FAMILY! Who do you think won this EPIC Friday in music and who is ahead overall in this battle between the two? Has Kendrick gone too far with this track?

    WATCH the FULL EPISODE or LISTEN everywhere you get your podcasts.

    In case you missed yesterday’s PART 2 episode about this feud, watch it at #drake #kendricklamar #response #nessaoffair #podcast #jcole #reaction #reactionvideo

  • DID KENDRICK LAMAR END DRAKE??? | Nessa Off Air Ep. 45

    #KendrickLamar doubles down on #Drake releasing another diss track “6:16 in LA”  Is this the nail in the coffin in this beef or is Kendrick just trying to add more fuel to the fire while the world waits for Drake’s response?  Check out this quickie episode of #nessaoffair as Nessa and Katrina B sound off on today’s release of “6:16 in LA” While we eagerly wait for Drake’s next move, be sure to check out  @RobMarkman  as he breaks down the lyrics from both artists line by line and explains everything you want to know!

    WATCH the FULL EPISODE or LISTEN everywhere you get your podcasts.  

    In case you missed yesterday’s PART 1 episode about this feud, watch it at #drake #kendricklamar #response #nessaoffair #podcast


    #Kendricklamar hits back at the #Drake tracks “Push Ups” and “Taylor Made” with his own nearly six and a half minute track “Euphoria” and he makes his stance VERY clear. We discuss the lyrics and where things stand now! Join us in the discussion and drops us your thoughts in the comments! WATCH IT NOW or LISTEN everywhere you get your podcasts!

  • Derek Jeter’s Persona Revealed – Real or Fake? | Nessa Off Air Ep. 43

    Want to know the secrets behind the marketing of #MichaelJordan’s “#TheLastDance” and #DerekJeter’s “#TheCaptain”? Is Derek Jeter’s persona #real or #fake? Who picked the memes from The Last Dance? We have marketing guru, Patricia Yanez, who was part of the marketing teams at #ESPN revealing the secrets that made these projects and more come to life!

    Patricia, who has worked with massive names like ESPN and the #WaltDisneyCompany, unpacks the secrets behind how effective #marketing campaigns can truly make or break a project. Plus, we dive into some intriguing personal hypotheticals—what to do when someone close to you is making terrible dating choices? 

    Don’t miss this fun and insightful conversation with Patricia filled with professional insights and personal advice, all in one action-packed episode of #NessaOffAir! 🎧✨

    LISTEN NOW or WATCH the full episode on YouTube at

  • Yuri Kochiyama’s Friendship With Malcolm X Explained | Nessa Off Air Ep. 42

    We have a special episode of #NessaOFFAir where we celebrate the legacy of the incredible freedom fighter, Yuri Kochiyama. Kaepernick Publishing has released a children’s book on Yuri titled, “The Bridges Yuri Built”. Go behind the scenes with us as we talk about the book with the author @kainaima, who is Yuri’s great granddaughter. Kai shares stories of Yuri growing up and how important it was or her to celebrate her great grandmother’s legacy. Tune in to learn about Yuri’s incredible life. Get the book, “The Bridges Yuri Built” available now everywhere books are sold.

    LISTEN NOW or WATCH the full episode on YouTube at

  • Help! My Unemployed Wife Wants Me to Do More Chores! What Do I Do? | Nessa Off Air Ep. 41

    This is a special episode of Nessa Off Air where you ask Nessa your questions! “Your Q’s and My A-Game!”

    In this episode, we discuss real-life challenges our listeners are facing. One listener asks for advice on managing household chores now that his wife, who is currently unemployed, expects him to contribute more. Another listener seeks guidance on dealing with a friend who borrowed money and has yet to repay it.

    We want to hear from you! Share your own advice on these topics and let us know if you agree with Nessa’s perspectives. Tune in to join the discussion and share your views!

    LISTEN NOW everywhere you get your podcasts  or WATCH the full episode here on YouTube at

  • BIGGEST Dating Mistakes with Matchmaker Talia Goldstein | Nessa Off Air Ep. 40

    You’re doing #dating all wrong!!! 🚨💔 We have #matchmaker Talia Goldstein, the genius behind @ThreeDayRule, a matchmaking company that’s changing the game. From her start in TV to matchmaking high school friends and even working with the #Kardashians, Talia shares her journey and the secrets to finding #truelove in today’s swipe-right world. 🌟💑

    Find out the dos and don’ts of dating, the truth behind the “Three Day Rule,” and why your approach to #love might need a major overhaul. Talia doesn’t hold back on the biggest dating mistakes, how technology is reshaping the way we find love, and her personal battle with investor biases as a founder and #mother. Plus, get her best piece of advice on love that could help you with your happily ever after. Don’t miss out on this episode “Nessa Off Air Podcast” – where real talk meets real love. 💖🎧 

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