Jamal Joseph Talks Tupac, Afeni and Black Panthers

Jamal Joseph sat down with Nessa on HOT 97 to talk Tupac, Afeni and being the youngest Black Panther.

Jamal Joseph is Tupac’s ‘uncle’ and having grown up within New York, he joined the Black Panther’s at a very young age.

He explains going into the party thinking it was to retaliate against oppressors but he learned the true movement of the organization which was empowering one another and supporting a community that has lacked support by the government and demonized by the white main-stream media at that time.

Currently a professor at the Ivy League school, Columbia University, his accolades as stem far from more than his involvement with the Black Panthers, he is a writer, director, producer, poet, and activist. He has produced shows for Black Starz, HBO, Fox TV, New Line Cinema, Warner Bros., and A&E.

Check out the interview with Nessa below.


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