Nick Jonas on Staying Single, Not Hooking up w/ Demi Lovato + Allen Iverson

The handsome Nick Jonas stopped by Nessa’s show on HOT 97 and he talks about his new album, ‘Last Year Was Complicated’ and current relationship status as a single man and not wanting to date yet.

And, ‘Last Year Was Complicated’ was named by none other than Jay Z!

After being signed with Roc Nation, when asked how the album name came about,¬†Nick stated, ‘I was hanging out with JayZ and when it came time to finalize the album, I had a different title picked out for the record but [Jay Z] I was like ‘After I’ve gotten to know you for the past couple of months and kind of felt your personality I feel like we can come up with something better representation of the body of work.’

Jay Z asks, “Just tell me about the last year of your life.’

Nick replied, Last year was complicated.”

And Jay replied, ‘that’s the title!’

Furthermore, Nessa asked him about this rumors of him and Demi Lovato dating and he says, we’re like family. She’s my friend and I am a firm believer that men and women can be friends.

As for him dating anyone anytime soon? Well check out the interview to find out.

Nessa also asked him about how him being a fan of Allen Iverson and running into Beyonce!

Check out the entire interview below.

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