Justine Skye On Roc Nation, Fanning for Soulja Boy and Bad Boys

The newest member of Roc Nation, Justine Skye stopped by Nessa’s show to talk about how she met Jay Z and how they signed her. As a native of Brooklyn, it was only true to her that it was the right fit to be a part of Roc Nation.

As for how the deal came about, Justine says, “they’ve known me since I was a little girl. They were just waiting for me to be ready. It was the right opportunity and Jay said they want Justine.”

“Two years ago, I would have never expected this to happen.”
As for her work ethic, she is very hands and very involved, “I love being there. It’s not even like I’m bothering them too. They just love to have their artists there and talk to them and brainstorm and get ideas. And that’s how you always make things work and get out faster too.”

Her single, ‘I’m Yours’ featuring Vic Mensa and how did it come about, “it’s really crazy cause now we’re label mates. [But before] We were always in talks with Lenny & Vic Mensa was his artist. We were trying to see who can do the song and when he did the song, it [sounded] complete.”

At 20 years old and now on the rise, Nessa asked Justine if she ever ‘fanned’ over anyone. Surprisingly, she said her first fanned over Soulja Boy & Beyonce!

Watch the entire interview below to find more about Roc Nation’s newest it girl!


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