Iamsu on ‘Kilt 3’, a Drake Imposter & Mom’s Approval

Iamsu came by HOT97 to talk to Nessa of his much anticipated album ‘Kilt 3’, which after much hard work and label obligations he is finally able to release it.

Not to disappoint fans, during his hiatus he also created an Iamsu app for his fans to stay updated on all Iamsu and to purchase his merchandise.

On his app he tells Nessa, instead of researching everything online, “fans can post and send me a selfie and he can get it directly.” Jokingly, he mentions his mom goes through all the selfies and filters through them.

As for his album, Kilt 3, Nessa asks who did he work with on the album, he says he has Sage the Gemini, Kool John, YMTK, Aka Frank and HBK CJ. As for production, he produced four beats on the album.

As for what does he like more either rapping or producing beats, he was nonchalant and answers, “it just depends on how I’m feeling. How when I wake up in the morning. One day I make all beats. The other day I just have music already ready and just be rapping all day.”

As for rapping, if he could have one collaboration with one rapper who would it be replied, “Jay Z” and as for creating beats for someone Iamsu he replies, “Drake.”

Without hesitation Nessa had to ask him about the fake Drake imposter who apparently wanted to make music with him. He replies, the person’s Drake impression was, “impeccable.”

Apparently, Kehlani reached out to Iamsu to make sure he jumps on the call. The caller sounded so legit and even referenced Drake as Aubrey (his legal name). In the phone call, which the Drake imposter was patched in supposedly from Europe. They even talked about each other’s music and Iamsu even invited him to the show. Not to give too much away, you’ll have to watch the entire interview to see how he found out about the Drake imposter.

When it comes to his dating life, there’s no girl that goes through Iamsu without consulting with his mom. He says, “I’m focused on work but I would like one in the future.” Nessa asks, “Does mom go through all the different [girls] ‘applications?’” He laughs, “I have to [respect my mom’s opinion] but she shuts a lot of it down.” As for what he looks for in a girl, watch the interview to find out!

As for what is to come, his album ‘Kilt 3’ was just released and now he is announcing his tour in April. You can also download the Iamsu app to keep in touch with all that is going on with him.

Watch the interview below.

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