Truth on Tommy Hilfiger + Tupac Models Versace + Author Sowmya Krishnamurthy | Nessa OFF Air Ep. 9

For this week’s episode, Nessa and producer Katrina B release a chat they had with music journalist and now author Sowmya Krishnamurthy on October 23, 2023, the voice behind the book “Fashion Killa: How Hip Hop Revolutionized High Fashion.” 

We dive into the challenges she faced, the hustle to get her book published, and how she’s breaking down barriers in the Hip-Hop and literary worlds.

Sowmya sets the record straight if Tommy Hilfiger is racist or not, why Tupac wore Karl Kani, which rap artist wore BAPE first, and her and Nessa share their love for Mariah Carey. Plus, Sowmya shares her thoughts on Drake, why Lil Kim hasn’t been on the cover of Vogue America, talks hip-hop’s impact on fashion, Kanye West, the media’s part in the East Coast/West Coast “beef”, and her own path from starting in a mailroom to making headlines. A lot has changed, since this episode was filmed on October 23, 2023, including Nicki Minaj gracing the cover of Vogue America!

Get Sowmya’s book, “Fashion Killa: How Hip Hop Revolutionized High Fashion” available now!

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