Get Rich AF with You Rich BFF Vivian Tu | Nessa OFF Air Ep. 8

Nessa and her producer Katrina B want to get rich AF!  So this week they are talking to everyone’s favorite Rich BFF —  Vivian Tu.  She is a recovering Wall Street trader turned personal finance expert.  She’s made millions helping others achieve their financial goals and she’s now here to deliver some incredible tips help you grow your 💰💰💰 — no matter how much you are starting from!

Vivian shares some hilarious stories from her own financial journey while schooling Nessa and Katrina B (let’s face it, really Katrina) on basic budgeting, saving, investing, and credit — but also relationships, standing up for your self-worth, and the truth about the lottery!

Be sure to listen if you too want to be Rich AF!

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