Background Check Your Date! | Nessa OFF Air Ep. 7

Nessa and her producer, Katrina B, explore the ups and downs of love, psychics, and the dos and don’ts at weddings.

How did you know you found “The One”? Katrina shares her moment of realization, and Nessa opens up about a night-long conversation with Colin that changed everything. We also tap into the mysterious realm of psychics – can they really predict your love life? We talk about Taye Diggs’ experience with a psychic who had a connection to his late mother and his girlfriend.

Weddings aren’t always smooth sailing, and we’re chatting about the biggest no-nos, like wearing white or red, and some jaw-dropping things we’ve witnessed at these events, hint hint it might have to do with walking in on the groom doing something he shouldn’t be doing with someone else! 

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