3 NON-NEGOTIABLES for Love with Tamica Lee | Nessa OFF Air Ep.5

We are ready to help you find your soulmate!! In this episode of Nessa OFF Air,  Nessa and her producer, Katrina B, are diving deep into the world of matchmaking, dating and relationships. Nessa was the matchmaker for Katrina’s relationship, so they definitely have some stories to share! 😄❤️

🌟 And guess what? They’re joined by the amazing Tamica Lee, the charismatic host of OWN’s “Ready to Love: Make a Move” and a seasoned matchmaker. She’s got the inside scoop on the show and the matchmaking scene.

💑 They’re tackling some real dating dilemmas: What should be your 3 non-negotiables? How do you deal with baggage? Wondering how to deal with financial differences in your relationship? And for all the single parents out there, Tamica’s got your back with some down-to-earth advice on dating. Plus, they’re talking about post-long-term-relationship dating, handling exes, and making it work when your politics don’t quite match.

🚀 So, grab a snack, get comfy, and join the fun on the Nessa Off Air Podcast – where every conversation is like chatting with friends, life is full of surprises, and laughter is the name of the game!

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