Your Ex Is Not Your Friend! | Nessa OFF Air Ep.4

In this week’s episode, Nessa and Katrina B take on the age-old question:  Can (Should) you stay friends with your ex?  Spoiler alert… the two of them disagree on the subject!  Surprise, surprise.  Oh, what a delightful mess we’re diving into today as the two of them spar over the topic!

In one corner, we have Katrina B, our adamant (read: naive) advocate for the “Let’s Keep The Ex In The Texts” camp, who insists it’s possible to maintain a friendship post-breakup, citing the magical powers of trust in her partner — Tone.  In the other corner, Nessa, our neighborhood cynic warns that trying to be pals with your ex is simply inviting emotional chaos into your life.  Who’s right?  Who’s wrong?  Tune in for some great laughs and epic eye rolls!  😆🙄 🔥  

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