Costume Fails & ☠️ Poisoned Candy ☠️ | Nessa OFF Air Ep. 2

🎃👻 Dive into the Halloween spirit with us on this episode of Nessa OFF Air, as Nessa and producer Katrina B share hilarious Halloween stories, parenting hacks, and find out who loves candy corn (YUCK)!

Listen in as we recount our last-minute costume dilemma, with Nessa channeling Wednesday from the Addams Family and Katrina… well, being Thursday, thanks to a little shipping issue from Amazon (or should we say, SHMamazon)! 🎉😂 We’re also talking Nessa’s ghost with Mardi Gras beads costume and explain the switch witch – Katrina’s parenting hack to limit the amount of candy her child eats. 🍬👻

Plus, we dive into the adventures of costume shopping for kids, sharing why waiting until the last minute might just be your best bet. 

From debating whether or not we should use the term ‘be careful’ to our little ones to reminiscing about our evolving relationship with our parents, we’re keeping it 100. And of course, we can’t forget the great candy corn debate – are you team love it or hate it? 🤔🍬

Press play to join the fun, and share with your friends if you’re ready to kick off Halloween with a good laugh and some real talk! 🎧🎉 #NessaOffAir #HalloweenHavoc #CostumeDilemmas #CandyCornControversy #ParentingHacks #SpookySeasonFun

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