Dating Your Co-Worker, Spying On Your Partner and a Call to Colin Kaepernick! | Nessa OFF Air Ep. 1

🎉 Welcome to the first episode of Nessa OFF Air! Join Nessa and her producer, Katrina B, as they talk their sh*t on office romances (Katrina needs to go to HR), snooping through their partner’s phone, having artificial intelligence write their wedding vows and wonder if J. Lo’s Mom is a hater. 

In this debut episode, they’re keeping it real and ridiculously fun. 🙌 Ever wondered how long it takes to know if you want a second date, or what to do when a name just slips your mind? 🤔 Nessa always forgets and has a sure fire way to remember. Nessa and Katrina B are not holding back, and they’re here to share their hilarious takes, advice, and maybe a few confessions along the way.

🔥And not just that, they’re putting Chat GPT to the test, to write wedding vows! And who better to call for a vow-verdict than the man himself, Colin Kaepernick? 🤖💍📞 Yes, you heard right! We’re dialing up Colin to get his take on AI-generated wedding vows and if you think Nessa and Katrina can talk sh*t, wait til you hear Colin!

Plus later in the episode,  find out why Katrina thinks J. Lo’s mom is a hater and hear her Marc Anthony impression and yes, it’s as bad as you think.

So grab your headphones, hit play, and get ready to laugh with us. Welcome to the Nessa OFF Air family! 🎧🎉