Know Your Rights Camp NYC

Colin Kaepernick Holds Second Know Your Rights Camp in NYC

New York, NY (January 17, 2017) –
This past weekend on January 14th, Colin Kaepernick held the second Know Your Rights Camp in NYC at the Malcolm X & Dr. Betty Shabazz Center where Malcolm X’s assassination took place.


49er’s Quarterback Colin Kaepernick and multi-media personality Nessa from HOT 97 and MTV, have worked diligently since the last Know Your Rights Camp in Oakland to bring the camp to the east coast.

Kaepernick’s Know Your Rights Camp brought in attendance a gathering of who’s-who of radio and media powerhouses from HOT 97’s morning show Ebro Darden, morning show DJ Kastone and afternoon show DJ Camilo as well as Kaepernick’s teammates from the San Francisco 49ers, Eric Reid, Tony Jerod-Eddie and Michael Wilhoite.
Also in attendance was MTV and Power 105’s host of The Breakfast Club, Charlamagne Tha God, who was seen talking and shaking hands with Ebro Darden.
Both Ebro and Charlamagne have been very vocal in their support for Kaepernick’s kneeling and stance on police brutality on men of color as they both came to volunteer to encourage young men and women at Know Your Rights Camp NYC.

The camp had 240 students in attendance from New York and New Jersey to learn from scholars, upon entry students were given an I Know My Rights t-shirt and a notepad and pen designed by Kaepernick, the five different workshops consisted of:
-History on Policing from UC Berkeley scholar Ameer Loggins
-Workshop on Knowing Your Rights with activist and Executive Director of Gathering for Justice and founder of Justice League NYC, Carmen Perez
-Health and healthy eating workshop from Dr. Natural
-Financial literacy workshop from Real Estate Investor Jay Morrison
-Education workshop on the importance of pursuing higher education from Mariela Regalado who is a Director of College of Counseling at Brooklyn’s Juan Morel Campos Secondary School

To close out, Kaepernick gave his final speech with the best gift to all the students, a DNA kit to help students know their ancestry on The kit includes a year long membership, which will trace their lineage to know exactly where they come from.

Per Kaepernick, “It’s important for these kids to know themselves, because if they don’t know themselves, they don’t have a foundation to build on, not only with themselves and their family, but with their community. And ultimately it’s going to take the community to change this.”
Kaepernick, Nessa and their Know Your Rights Camp team hand-stuffed 240 bags in total valuing over $168K.

Each student walked away with a Know Your Rights Swag worth over $700 worth of items in each bag which included a Nike backpack, a copy of the Autobiography of Malcolm X, pamphlets to encourage healthy eating, an ‘I Know My Rights’ Hat, Pens and Pencils created and designed by Kaepernick, along with Beats by Dre Headphones for each student.

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The latest Know Your Rights Camp #Harlem edition, held January14th 2017 at #MalcomX and Dr. Betty Shabazz Memorial and Education Center (known as the Audobon Ballroom where Malcom X had his last speech and was assassinated there.) Over 200 youth from all over New York City were in attendance. They sat in on workshops covered by different experts. The workshops are knowing their legal rights with police enforcements, affordable healthy eating, financial literacy and achieving higher education. The camp ends with Know Your Self and how knowing where I came from through DNA (African side comes from Ghana, Nigeria) testing helped me give back to the community. All the youth left with items over $700: a backpack, Autobiography of Malcom X, DNA kits WITH a year membership, Beats By Dre. headphones, hat, shirt, notepad/pen. As well as pamphlets on how to eat healthy and to locate healthy places to eat in New York City. For more information go to

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