John Legend on Fanning for Chrissy Teigan, Singing to his Daughter and New Album

John Legend stopped by the show to talk about his wife Chrissy Teigan.

John Legend came up to Hot 97 and had a good conversation with the singer about the upcoming presidential election, who he’s supporting and more with Nessa.

He discussed his feeling on Donald Trump he feels that he would be bad for the future of this country.

“He’s a proven racist,” he said. “Proven mysoginist, doesn’t have an understanding of how the government works or how the world works. I am very much hoping he does not get elected for president. I think it will be dangerous for the world.”

Legend also defended San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s choice to protest the national anthem.

“First of all I support his right to protest,” he said. “That might not be your choice or the issue you want to protest about, but he came about it very authentically.”


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