John Legend on the Presidency, Who He’s Voting For and Kaepernick’s Protest

John Legend stopped by HOT 97 to sit down to talk to Nessa on the Presidential candidates and why Donald Trump is dangerous and his support for Hillary Clinton.

When it comes to the elections, “we cant take these elections lightly they matter. What people say matters and what policies they plan to put in place matters.”

As for his support for Colin Kaepernick, he says, “I was supporting his right to protest! It might not be your choice in how you want to protest or the issue you want to protest but he came out of it very authentically. He, [Colin Kaepernick] said, this is an issue that really concerns me and I’m not hurting anyone. I’m going to peacefully protest by kneeling and sitting when the anthem is being played. Because I want to bring light to this issue that really concerns me and is really impacting people’s lives.”

And how people missed the point, he says, “Some people were so upset at his form of protest they were madder at him for protesting than they were at the things he was protesting for which is people getting shot by the police who are supposed to protect us and the police not getting in any trouble for it!”

“My issue was are you more concerned about those lives being lost or more concerned about someone kneeling peacefully protesting?”

He also says, “It’s a shame that so many people were so mad at him they were issuing him death threats. Issuing [death threats] to kids around the country at high schools and colleges who were doing the same thing [peacefully protesting] with death threats.

He goes on to say to those who were offended by the peaceful protest and questions their hypocrisy:

“So basically you’re saying you’re so offended by their peaceful protest that you’re going to threaten their lives. But you think they’re wrong for protesting, when kids are getting shot by the cops?”

Check out the full interview below:


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