RIP Philando Castile + Alton Sterling

Here is a quick breakdown of what is happening:


Alton Sterling – Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Shot 6 to 7 times died at the scene.

He was selling CD’s in front of convenience store.

Two police officers tackled him down and shot him.

Open carry law allows him to have weapon


He was 37 years old and had a 15 year old son.

The community has all come together to say, “He wasn’t a bad guy. He was respectable and was generous, often giving away CDs or buying food or drinks for people.”




Philando Castile – Minneapolis, Minnesota

32 years old would have been 33 years old this Friday (TOMORROW).

One police officer shot him four times reaching for his ID from his wallet.

His fiancé Diamond Reynolds streamed it live on Facebook right after the shooting happened.

He died from his injuries at the hospital.

His girlfriend is out of jail now and recounted her events in a press conference.


He worked as a cafeteria supervisor at St. Paul Public Schools district.

The St. Paul School District issued a statement saying, “Kids loved him. He was smart, over-qualified and he was quiet, respectful and kind.”



Obama has responded:


Obama responds

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