Mariah Carey on People Stealing Her Music, Her Vegas Show + Bringing Her Kids Onstage

Mariah Carey called into the nationally syndicated show Nessa On Air, to talk about her upcoming Las Vegas show, ‘MARIAH #1 TO INFINITY.’

As a huge fan a.k.a. LAMB, Nessa was super excited to talk to her about her show, Mariah Carey says the hour long show will take us through memory lane of all her #1 hits with over 200 million records sold.

As for her music and working with new artists she answered, though she would like to work with new artists often times her music gets stolen so she rather keep it to herself until she finds a producer or artist whom she trusts working with.

As for now living in Sin City, she’s on a new diet as so she tries to limit herself to ensure she fits into her ensembles so no overindulging at the buffet lines which Nessa jokingly press her on.

In between rehearsals, being on stage and raising her kids, she does still take time to get as much rest as she can.

As for having her kids on the road, the kids are enjoying it on stage just as much as she is, especially her son.
Check out the entire interview below.

Listen to the interview below.


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