Zendaya On Her Dad Approving Odell Beckham & Working w/ Chris Brown [VIDEO]

Zendaya stepped up with to Hot 97 to hang out with Nessa and talk about her brand new music, what’s next in her career, and giving an update on Odell Beckham.

She spoke about working with Chris Brown, whom she predicted she’d be working with four years ago, on her latest single, and how he actually made her work harder to make the best track possible.

“I wanted someone who’s going to make me do better,” he said. “Put yourself next to someone who can sing and dance, you have to be able to hold your own.”

Her latest single “Something New,” samples TLC’s classic single “Creep,” but she made sure to reach out to one of the members beforehand.

“I had to get [T-Boz’s] blessing,” he said. “She may or may not be in the video”

There have been rumors that she is now dating Odell Beckham, and it looks like it’s all up to her father.

“Gotta go through dad,” she said. “We’re in the audition phase!”

Check out the full interview below.



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