Wiz Khalifa Breaks Down Kanye’s Apology, Current Relationship w/Amber Rose & New Album [VIDEO]

Wiz Khalifa came through to Hot 97 soon after Kanye West announced to the world that he had apologized to him after last weeks rant to talk to Nessa about what happened, what to expect with his new music, and more.

As you may know by now, Kanye West engaged Wiz in a heated rant in which he mentioned his wifeAmber Rose as well as their child Sabastian. Kim Kardashian and Amber Rose announced that they had made up with a simple selfie together. Meanwhile, earlier today Kanye announced that he had apologized.

Mister Cap himself told Nessa exactly what happened behind the scenes.

“We spoke on the phone,” he said. “Kim and Amber spoke on the phone. It’s all good. I don’t think that thats anything that wouldn’t happen between anybody else. That could’ve happened between any person, but the way that we settled it, and the way that we bounced back. That’s all that matters.”

It was also rumored that this was done simply for publicity reasons as both Kanye and Wiz have albums coming out in the next week.

“It’s the universe. The universe puts a lot of things. It could’ve went down many different ways. Individually we all have control. When you put certain elements together, you can make something that people see as impossible.

Rumors that Amber Rose might have gotten back together with her ex-husband may not be true, but the rapper did admit that he was working on being a family.

“Even though we’re not together, we’re working on that aspect of things.”

For fans excited for his upcoming project titled Khalifa, this is only the prelude to a larger project in the works. He’s also planning to release Rolling Papers 2 this Summer.

“[Khalifa] is just to hold people over. I’m promoting because I want people to go out and buy it. I want people to accept it.”

Khalifa is “a collection of songs that could’ve made it on other albums, but they just mean a lot to me.” Scheduled to be released February 5, the album will carry features from Travis $cott, Juicy J, Ty Dolla $ign, Chevy Woods, his son Sabastian, and more.

Is a collaboration with Kanye in the works? Check out the full interview below.

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