Monica Speaks On Ciara & Brandy Beef, Shares Whitney Stories & ‘Code Red’ [VIDEO]

via Young Pap @ HOT97

Monica passed through Hot 97 for girl talk with Nessa, and the two spoke about the state of r&b, some past beefs, and relationships too.

She spoke about the rumors of a past beef with Brandy around the time “The Boy Is Mine” was released.

“There can be no beef because the song was there waiting when I arrived,” she said. “It wasn’t written around an incident.”

As a matter of fact during the sessions for the song, it was at that time she met Brandy for the first time.

“It became kind of real the more people talked about it. It was set up, and then the families. My staff, her stuff it got very tense.”

She also shared the genuine love and marriage to former NBA star Shannon Brown.

“The key element is, I didn’t find anything except for myself first.”

Monica also shared some exclusive stories about her experiences with Whitney Houston, and how to deal with negativity on social media.

Her eighth studio album Code Red is available now.

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