Chris Brown Talks Album Royalty, Being a Dad & Addresses Karrueche & Rihanna

Chris Brown talks to Nessa about he official release date of his album Royalty is actually December 18th but you can pre-order the album on Black Friday.

Since the last time Nessa saw him, she had to ask has his music become more pc since having a daughter? He replied, “No not at all, that’s how my daughter was made.” And he stated that some songs are more conscious than other ones, and some are more “nitty-gritty” and straight to the point.

Now on to the question everyone is dying to know, Nessa asked if it hurt his feelings that Karreuche said she was not getting work because she had dated him.

Surprisingly, he is at peace with both Karrueche and Rihanna and if being with him did hold them back from getting work, he apologize and he wishes them the best.

Check out the interview below.

Pre-order Royalty on Black Friday here.



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