Army Vet Once Violently Manhandled By Ben Fields Speaks Out on Him Dragging Student

Nessa sits down with Carlos Martin, an army vet who also was once violently manhandled by Ben Fields, the officer that was fired for dragging a student out of class in South Carolina.

Ben Fields has been in the recent news as the resource officer at Spring Valley High School in South Carolina who violently pulled a young female student out of a chair.

Carlos Martin recollects his run in with Ben Fields while he was still in his army uniform where he was coming back home from Fort Jackson, South Carolina which is four miles away.

With the racial tension in South Carolina and because the incident happened off base, “the army couldn’t help me and they turned their back on me after they heard about the situation.”

Officer Ben Fields had already been in the area looking for a white male who was in the neighborhood who reportedly had been flashing little kids, as army vet Carlos Martin pulled up to his driveway and walked towards his house.

Officer Ben Fields peeled into his driveway and approached him.

Hear the entire story of the assault on him and his wife below


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