Sevyn Streeter on August Alsina, A Crazy Ex & Break Up Tips! [VIDEO]

via Young Pap on Hot 97:

Sevyn came back to visit Nessa excited about her brand new music, and spoke about her boyfriend, working with August Alsina, and gave some break up tips for her fans.

She was asked about working with August Alsina and all the rumors about his…”package.”

“God bless whoever he had to get down with,” she laughed. “I don’t know. You hear the craziest things. You just laugh at it.”

The singer also squashed any rumors that she smashed Chris Brown.

“Absolutely not!”

Sevyn is also a very talented writer, and after watching Taraji P. Henson congratulate Viola Davis at the Emmys she wondered if black females in music will be so supportive of each other. She also admitted that some females have refused to work with her, and get back to her due to the hate.

“The only way we make it better is by talking about it,” she said. “I think we do songs and a bunch of collaborations, like a song with a bunch of females on it. It’s crazy the men do it all the time.”

Look out for a female collaboration to be on her upcoming album, although she has said the response has been “crickets.”

Her album On The Verge to be released soon! For now enjoy Shoulda Been There, Pt. 1.

Check out the full interview below.


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