Rita Ora Talks Single with Chris Brown & Addresses A$AP Rocky

Rita Ora sat down with Nessa to talk about her new single with Chris Brown, “Body on Me”.

The reason she loves her new song, “I wanted women to feel sexy and it’s like a jam for the summer time.”

The song is like a, “three minute rendezvous and you go back to normal.”

Despite the backlash that she has been receiving online for the Chris Brown collaboration she says, “we wanted to work together for awhile. For me, I am a fan of his music and no one could sound better on this record, than Chris. His tone fits perfectly for the record.”

“And what’s even better is that we were in the studio together and it all made sense.”

As for the video, “it comes out August 21st” and is she says, “it is the most intimate I’ve ever done, though I balance the video out in a classy way.”

When Nessa asked about giving a teaser of the music video Rita reminds us, “well his verse is put you up against the wall.” Hmm, looks like they both enjoyed this collaboration together.

When asked about the album, Rita replied that it was her “thank you” to her friends who had her back for those moments of crumbled-downnesss and the going to a club. As for her album and returning to music, after her breakup with Calvin Harris, she took a year off to focus on herself and did not want to get into the studio until she was fully ready.

Music is not only her passion as she is heavily involved in philanthropic of raising awareness for breast cancer, being the ambassador of her country and giving back to the community.

Rita Ora and Nessa delved into the discussion of double standards of women and being under the public eye saying, “how about the things I don’t want to be praised for because it’s for the good of doing it.”

And if the media wants to tease about her having a nude photo, “I’ll post my own photo.”

At the 17:03 mark, she talks about A$AP Rocky and his lyrical jabs at her.

Despite A$AP Rocky saying it was “tasteless” in a previous interview, Rita Ora say, “That’s nice. He still said it though…Like I said, Congratulations [A$AP Rocky] his album has done great, I liked it… And he knows where to find me if he wants to apologize.”

Watch the full interview below.

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