2x Oscar Winner Ruth E. Carter Reveals Process Designing for Black Panther and Malcolm X Films | Nessa Off Air Ep. 22

Did you know there’s a surprising link between the show Seinfeld and the Malcolm X movie? In this episode, we’re joined by 2x Academy Award Winner Ruth E. Carter, the genius costume designer who bridges these worlds. Ruth takes us on a journey through her remarkable career, sharing what it’s like to collaborate with cinematic giants like Spike Lee and Steven Spielberg, and her admiration for talents she’s worked with like Angela Bassett and Chadwick Boseman. She dives into the research behind her projects, like digging through Malcolm X’s medical files to authentically capture his story in fabric and thread.

Ruth also gives us a glimpse into her book, “The Art of Ruth E. Carter,” revealing the deep stories behind her legendary designs. It’s more than just an interview; it’s a conversation that dives into how Ruth’s designs do more than dress characters – they tell their stories and bring them to life. From her unique insights working with industry icons to her dedication to historical accuracy and cultural impact, get ready for a chat with the woman who’s not just creating costumes but crafting the visual stories that resonate with audiences around the world.

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