Would You Leave Your Spouse At the Airport If They Were Late??? | Nessa Off Air Ep. 19

Would you leave your spouse at the airport if they were late for a flight? Or change your seat on a plane to let a family sit together? In this episode of Nessa Off Air, Nessa and producer Katrina B discuss some tricky travel situations. We start with a story from Reddit about a husband who boards a plane without his wife because she was getting coffee. It’s a situation that has sparked a lot of debate – was he right or wrong? We’re looking at all sides of this dilemma! 

Then, we move on to the question of seat swapping on flights. Is it fair to ask a solo traveler to move for a family? Hear our thoughts and of course Nessa and Katrina don’t agree. We also talk about parents flying first class while their kids are in economy – smart travel strategy or not? Tune in to Nessa Off Air for an honest look at these travel scenarios and more. 🎧✈️🌟

LISTEN HERE  or WATCH the full episode on YouTube at https://youtu.be/x0TWbfKXlPg