Colin Kaepernick Interview: Why I Started the Know Your Rights Camp | Nessa Off Air Ep. 17

Join us as we feature a moving interview with Colin Kaepernick, co-founder of the Know Your Rights Camp along with Nessa. Colin shares his deeply personal motivations for starting the camp and an emotional account of why he continues this vital work. This episode of Nessa OFF Air takes you behind the scenes of our 11th camp in Houston, highlighting the efforts and dedication that goes behind these empowering events. Alongside Colin’s inspiring story, we also feature conversations with Tony Ng, KYRC Senior Director of Programs, Asani Myers, KYRC Program Director, Dr. Milo Dodson, and educator Sean Tory, who all contribute significantly to the camp’s impact. Tune in for an insightful journey into community empowerment and the personal stories at the heart of our mission.

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