Straight From The Source w/Kim Osorio | Nessa Off Air Ep. 12

🎙️🎧 We are so excited for the latest episode of Nessa OFF Air! For this week’s episode, we are joined by hip hop icon, journalist, and TV producer Kim Osorio! In a chat that we had with her on September 15, 2023, she talks about  her Bronx roots in the early days of hip hop to breaking barriers as a woman in hip hop, Kim shares her incredible story. 🎤🗽

Discover how she transitioned from studying law to becoming the voice in hip hop journalism, her challenges and triumphs at The Source, and some encounters with artists she’s covered in The Source. Plus, hear about her role in The Source’s 5 mic album ratings and her favorite covers.

Kim reflects on the New York hip hop scene of the early 2000s, covering major events like Aaliyah’s passing and 9/11, and navigating the complexities at The Source. She also talks about her groundbreaking lawsuit that brought critical issues to light in the industry, her transition to TV writing and production, and her views on the future of hip hop and journalism in the digital age.

🎉 Celebrate 50 years of hip hop with Kim Osorio as she shares her hopes for the future, advice to her younger self, and what she wants her legacy to be. Don’t miss this fun episode into hip hop history and journalism!

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