Saudi Arabia Lifts Ban on Women Drivers

It’s a new day in Saudi Arabia for women! Apparently the ban has been lifted and now women can apply for their drivers license.  Prior to this they needed men to drive them everywhere!

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Starting today, women in Saudi Arabia are finally able to drive legally after a long-standing ban was lifted by a royal decree.

The unexpected decision to finally allow women to drive has been welcomed and praised by human rights campaigners across the world since it was first announced in September last year.

But there is still one question on many people’s mind: Why did King Salman agree to do this, and why now?

For decades, the royal family – including Salman before he became king – has maintained unjust laws and patriarchal gender norms hurting women’s rights. In 1990, it was King Salman who, as a governor of Riyadh, oversaw the harsh punishment of 47 women who participated in a major driving-ban protest.

All these years neither the king, nor his son and now Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MBS), spoke out against this repressive system or supported women who were fighting against it.

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