Here’s a Way To Bring Your Brain Back if You’re Constantly Distracted

With everything going on in the world, distractions are inevitable! But hopefully helps — Great tips via Bro Bible!

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Distractions will derail any activity, from workouts to work days and even our mealsbut the real problem is our inability to eliminate all distractions. Even if you shut off phone notifications, there are hundreds of other outside sources trying to get your attention.

For example, as I’m writing this piece, there’s a weed whacker outside my window, and I CAN’T NOT HEAR IT!!!

Since eliminating all disturbances is impossible, the only logical course of action is to wire your brain to focus harder on the task at hand. This isn’t as hard as it sounds, according to the Harvard Business Review.

“Distractions are always lurking,” explains HBR. “like wayward thoughts, emotions, sounds, or interruptions. Fortunately, the brain is designed to instantly stop a random thought, an unnecessary action, and even an instinctive emotion from derailing you and getting you off track.”

The remedy is as simple to remember as ABC because, well, it’s called the ABC Method.

Here’s how it works… READ MORE HERE


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