This One Concealer Trick Will Have Your Lashes POPPIN’


Now this is a game changer! Take notes and thank me later. =)


You know the times when you stay up way too late, have blemishes galore and wake up with a face so puffy, even your cooled jade roller can’t tone things down? Concealer always manages to swoop in and save the day by hiding a multitude of sins. It’s why it’s hands-down our favorite product. And if you can believe it, we just found another use to add to its repertoire: eyelash enhancer.

Here’s what you do: Dip a tiny eye shadow brush in concealer and paint it onto your top lashes. Let it dry for a few seconds and then apply your mascara as you normally would. 

Why it works: Concealer basically acts as a primer when applied to your eyelashes, adding a bit of bulk to each lash and giving the mascara a grippier base to hold onto. The result? Full, luscious, eye-catching lashes—no fancy eyelash primers necessary. Choose a concealerformula with nourishing oils (like NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer) for even more lash-enhancing benefits. 

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