Dinsmore Elementary Teacher Makes Students Play ‘Slave Game’

Multiple parents tell Action News Jax a teacher at Dinsmore Elementary School has been using racist language in the classroom.

They reported it to the Dinsmore Elementary principal two months ago, but said they never heard the results of the investigation.

Four parents tell Action News Jax their children told them a white teacher used a racial slur in class, then told the kids it was not a bad word.

“She said the n-word. She also stated that she always wanted to have a black baby but she didn’t feel comfortable bringing one home because of how her parents would feel about the situation,” parent Maurisha McCants said.

Multiple parents said the teacher is retaliating against children whose parents contacted the principal.

“They played a ‘slave game’ in class,” said one mother, who asked Action News Jax to conceal her identity out of fear the teacher would retaliate against her daughter. “They were trying to tell me it had something to do with a bucket and a rock.”

In an email, Principal Wanda Reese promised to “conduct a thorough investigation.”

That was two months ago.

“It’s like they’re pushing it under the rug,” said McCants. “She’s bringing her personal preferences in the classroom. If you’re a teacher, you’re supposed to be teaching and that’s it.” [Via www.actionnewsjax.com]

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