Store-Bought Almond Milk Is Officially A NO — And Here’s Why

*throws in towel and gives up completely* This is absolutely RIDICULOUS!

Via Natural News:

So you’ve decided to come off conventional dairy and are now drinking almond milk from the store. Generally speaking, that’s a wise choice because you will no longer be a victim to the acid and mucous producing nature of regular dairy, and that’s even before you consider the hormones and antibiotics that have tainted the conventional supply.

However, store bought almond milks are not without their drawbacks either. You may have just substituted one problem for the other due to the way these milks are produced and the effect they can have on your body.

Allow me to explain.

Store-bought almond milk is short on… almonds

One of the main ingredients you would reasonably expect to be in almond milk is almonds. However, it was revealed a few years ago that almond milk producers were really cutting corners with this core ingredient, with a half gallon of milk containing less than a handful of almonds. Stated in another way, a European brand of almond milk (Alpro) was revealed to contain less than two percent almonds in the entire container.

A spokesperson for the Almond Board of California confirmed that ingredient combinations are very similar between U.S. almond milks and those found in the U.K.. It was later revealed by almond growers and processors that this two percent ration recipe is the industry standard across the board.

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