Here Are 4 Ways To Spring Clean Your Love Life

Relationships are full of ups and downs. Here are a few ways to avoid rock bottom.

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Pick one “radical” act of forgiveness
Does your S.O. forget to take out the trash or leave his towel on the bathroom floor? Are your nagging tactics straight up not working? Our advice: Maybe just get over it. Pick one inconsequential but unpleasant fight you tend to have time and time again…and vow to banish it forever.

Set boundaries around distractions
When you’re dead-tired at the end of a long day, it’s easy to resort to zombie mode and plop in front of the television or scroll endlessly through your phone. And while it’s always fun to hate-follow your coworker’s vacation feed, it’s certainly not doing anything for your relationship. Set some parameters around your tech (e.g.: no phone in the bedroom, must have “how was your day?” convo before turning on Westworld) and commit to being more present in each other’s company. 

Stop negative comments in their tracks
Your BFF is annoying you. Your house is too small. Your stomach hurts. Think your bummer thoughts, catch them and—gasp!—keep them to yourself. It’s easy to fixate on sharing negatives when you’re super comfortable with someone, but it can bring conversation down and make you both feel blah. Tell your guy about something good that happened to you today. Better yet, compliment each other!

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