3 Signs You’re On The Path To Success

Sometimes in life we put so much pressure on ourselves that we overlook our process. Especially as a entrepreneurs — With negative, anti-entrepreneur and pro 9-to-5 protesters in our ear day in and day out, we tend to look for validation in huge results that we occasionally assume should happen overnight. We have a habit of wanting to win so badly that we look over our small successes.

In case you fall into that category, because I know I do, here are 7 signs that you’ve already made it a lot further than you think:

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1. You constantly find ways to remain calm and stay positive.

Getting through the day is easier because you’re open to being more optimistic. You’ve run out of time to complain about situations you aren’t happy about because you know how much energy it takes from you and being productive. Real success is focused around choosing to see the bright side of every issue and believing you have limitless power to make even the worst situations better.



2. How you spend your down time changes.

You’re aware that your time is valuable. You’d rather spend it in productive ways and not so much “living it up” every chance you get. People tend to mistake your driven mindset as standoffish, so you’re usually misunderstood. The truth is, you love to have fun and enjoy the night life. The only difference for you is, right now “fun” is getting things done and you believe that nightlife fun is meant to celebrate accomplishments, not just Saturday’s. And because of that, you tend to lose friends. But never regret losing friends who aren’t like minded — Oprah couldn’t take everyone with her either.



3. Letting go of toxic people becomes easier.

Even though it’s not all about you, you know your sanity and your dreams come before any and all drama-filled people. In the words of Janet Jackson, when success is the mission, the phrase “what have you done for me lately?” begins to sound less selfish and more goal-oriented. The fact is, everyone can’t come with you — Everyone isn’t strong enough to last and everyone can’t think big enough to support the mindset of an entrepreneur. You feel the change that comes with releasing yourself from entertaining toxic people, you’ve started to realize that it’s a damn good thing that you didn’t allow them to stay. It may hurt initially, but months from now, you’ll be saying “Toxic Tammy WHO???”


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