Wedding Finger Piercings? People Are Taking Marriage To A Painful Level

I’m all for love, but this is pretty darn ridiculous.

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I guess some people are now getting dermal diamond piercings instead of engagement rings, and the results are… interesting? beautiful? Kinda crazy looking? All of the above?

Of course, my first question upon seeing the piercings is: Are these safe?! Apparently yes!

“Micro dermal anchors are safe and the body will hold them for years, as long as they’re in ideal places and if implant-grade titanium is used,” professional body piercer Billy DeBerry told People.

“They’re different than other piercings since it’s considered ‘surface work.’ It really lets a person get away from traditional piercings like the ear or nose,” DeBerry added. “With the base being anchored into place under the surface of the skin, the tops are interchangeable with a huge variety of colors, shapes and designs.”

DeBerry says he’s been doing this for ten years, but they’ve only recently gotten popular because of social media. Shocker!

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