Would Milennials End Their Relationships For Money? This Study Says “YES!”

Everyone loves getting a raise! Well apparently some milennials would break up with their boo’s for a raise at work! A study done by Comet based their findings on a survey of almost 400 employed milennials and found that career is more important than love. 41% admitted they would end a relationships for a promotion!

Via Elite Daily:

What would you do for a raise? And I’m not just talking any raise, but, like, a big one. The kind of raise that would maybe let you splurge on the unlimited class package at ClassPass in addition to an Equinox membership. Or maybe one that — dare I say it — let’s you swap Trader Joe’s for Whole Foods as your go-to grocery store. Obviously, you’d work hard and all that, but what would you sacrifice? Your friends? Your family? Your relationship? That may seem extreme, but a new study found that lots of millennials would break up for a raise.

The study, conducted by financial services company Comet, based their findings on a survey of almost 400 employed millennials (all between 20 and 36 years old) who were both single and childless. Based on their survey results, it seems a career is the only real bae that matters to most millennials.

What do I mean by that? Well, almost half of them (41 percent) admitted they would end a relationship for a promotion. Yep, that’s right. That means 41 percent of Millennials would literally dump their significant others for the chance to move up the corporate ladder. So yeah, maybe keep that in mind the next time your BF or GF is up for that promotion at work.

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