Would Milennials End Their Relationships For Money? This Study Says “YES!”

Everyone loves getting a raise! Well apparently some milennials would break up with their boo’s for a raise at work! A study done by Comet based their findings on a survey of almost 400 employed milennials and found that career is more important than love. 41% admitted they would end a relationships for a promotion!

Via Elite Daily:

What would you do for a raise? And I’m not just talking any raise, but, like, a big one. The kind of raise that would maybe let you splurge on the unlimited class package at ClassPass in addition to an Equinox membership. Or maybe one that — dare I say it — let’s you swap Trader Joe’s for Whole Foods as your go-to grocery store. Obviously, you’d work hard and all that, but what would you sacrifice? Your friends? Your family? Your relationship? That may seem extreme, but a new study found that lots of millennials would break up for a raise.


CLICK HERE for the original + full study via cometfi.com.

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