Jealous Man Stalks Ex, Installed Camera in Her Apartment

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Well this is scary and crazy! A jealous man is in a lot of trouble for stalking his ex. Apparently she dumped him in 2016 and he has been stalking her ever since appearing at her home uninvited, calling her at all hours and installing web cams in her house! She discovered the webcams hidden in her apartment. He even started stalking another man she started chatting with. He has been charged with stalking, burglary and attempted assault and is out on $50k bail.

Have you ever dealt with a crazy ex? If so, how did you deal with him/her? This is straight out of a Lifetime movie… Read more below.

A jealous former Goldman Sachs employee has been slapped with stalking and other charges for a series of crazed antics​ ​– including installing webcams in his ex’s apartment and attempting to break into another unit wearing a false mustache.

Alexander Pugmire ​allegedly ​went off the deep end after his girlfriend of three years, Thien-Kim Tran, dumped him in December 2016, according to court docs.

The Wharton grad then began stalking the woman, appearing at her home uninvited and calling at all hours, the papers state.

A month later, Tran “discovered webcams hidden in his apartment, which the defendant had placed there to monitor whether she began to see other men after their breakup,” the documents read, adding she suspected he’d gained access to her social media accounts as well.

After dumping the 33-year-old, Tran began chatting with another man, Benjamin Timsit, online​ ​–​ ​and Pugmire allegedly began to stalk him​,​ too.

The lovestruck loon even attacked an unsuspecting Timsit in Jan​uary 2017 with a hammer and blast​ed ​him with pepper spray, the complaint ​alleges​ ​–​ ​sending him to the hospital where 20 stitches were needed to close the wounds.

Less than two weeks later, Pugmire inexplicably appeared at Timsit’s apartment wearing a ski mask and fake mustache, and attempted to push past his purported rival, claiming “he was a maintenance worker who needed to check the inside of the apartment,” the papers say.

After Timsit managed to push Pugmire out and call 911, he started to receive emails from a fake email address, insisting he break off his nonexistent relationship with Tran, prosecutors said.

The one-time financial adviser was booted from Goldman Sachs “about a year ago,” a spokesman with the firm told The Post. He’d been there less than two years.

Pugmire, whose father is noted crime writer John Pugmire, is charged with stalking, burglary and attempted assault. He’s out on $50,000 bail, according to court records.

Defense attorney Robert Gottlieb declined to comment. [Via]

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