This One Free Exercise Could Ease Anxiety Once And For All


According to, an exercise called “tapping” could reduce anxiety right away.

Via Pure Wow:

Have you noticed? “Tapping” has been everywhere recently. Your friend at yoga mentioned she’s been doing it to manage her stress and anxiety. You saw it on the Today show as a natural remedy for chronic pain. But whether you’re ready to give it a shot or you’re just wondering what it’s all about, let’s get a few things straight about this holistic trend.

Wait. What exactly is tapping, anyway? Also known as EFT (emotional freedom technique), tapping is a form of alternative therapy that involves touching a variety of acupressure points on the body in a specific pattern in order to calm the mind and body. Proponents of tappingbelieve the process helps you access the amygdala, the part of the brain that creates the “fight or flight” response. By sending calming signals directly to this portion of the brain, the aim is to reduce the production of cortisol in the body, thereby easing stress, anxiety, depression and possibly even chronic pain.

How do I do it? Gently tap five to seven times on 12 specific acupressure points on your arms, hands, head and torso, in order, while visualizing the pain or anxiety you’re currently feeling. We tried it, and the whole process feels surprisingly… [read more]

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