Son of Conservative Fox News host Eric Bolling committed suicide

Heartbreaking: Eric Bolling Jr, son of Conservative Fox News host Eric Bolling committed suicide after father’s sexual harassment allegations leaked.

Just hours after fired Fox News host Eric Bolling was exposed for allegedly sending lewd text messages to female co-workers, his son Eric Bolling Jr took his own life by a drug overdose.

According to TMZ, Eric Bolling Jr was having a difficult time dealing with his fathers’ troubles and overdosed on unspecified drugs Friday afternoon in Boulder, Colorado. He was attending school there and he reportedly overdosed somewhere off-campus.

Father Eric Bolling who clearly boasts on Instagram saying, “[Trump] done more in 45 days than [President Obama] did in eight years,” confirmed his son’s death on twitter, “Adrienne and I are devastated by the loss of our beloved son Eric Chase last night. Details still unclear. Thoughts, prayers appreciated.”

Eric Bolling was released from Fox News after news broke of him allegedly sending three female co-workers pictures of men’s penises. (It was unclear if it was his or not.)


If you or a friend is having thoughts of suicide. There are ways to cope. Call 1-800-273-8255.


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Image via Eric Bolling Jr Facebook

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