New study reveals 2 out 3 people sext!

New study reveals 2 out 3 people sext!

According to a recent study at the Indiana University’s Kinsey Institute and the Berlin based women’s health, the number of respondents who report sexting someone is 67% percent!

The study pulled responses over 140,000 participants from almost 200 countries.

That means 2 out of 3 people have sexted someone via texting, dating apps, or using social apps.

Back in 2012, only 21% sent racy texts with someone! Meaning 1 out of 5 people.

The most used app to send nudes is Snapchat.

FACTS: Of those 140,000 people 34% of Americans used apps to find sexual or romantic partners

  • 15% for a long-term relationship
  • 18% for a short-term relationship
  • 11% for one-night stands
  • 9% to find regular sex with no romantic connection
  • 12% for chatting and sexting online only



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