Have debt? You’re more likely to be single!

The new dating baggage: Debt!

In a recent survey of 1,000 adults, by Ion Tuition, it’s not about who you dated in the past but how much debt you have that can interfere with the relationship going further.

75% of adults viewed student loan debt as “baggage”

12% percent said they wouldn’t mind dating a person who has a child, was divorced or a nonviolent felon but when it comes to student loan debt, it was a deal breaker!

Despite all of these you should’ve give up on love. However, if you need help, here are four signs that relationship may be a deal breaker:

Via The Washington Post:

  • The debt isn’t treated like a big deal:Listen to how someone is talking about his or her debt. Does the person have a cavalier attitude about it? Dating gives you an opportunity to examine someone’s values. Love can’t conquer all. If owing people keeps you up at night, you may not be able to stay in a relationship with someone who can sleep soundly despite being mired in debt.
  • There’s no remorse:I meet a lot of people deeply in debt. It’s the ones who recognize that they shouldn’t have borrowed so much who tend not to go there again.
  • There’s no change in behavior:If someone has a lot of credit card debt and he or she is still piling on more with no intention of living within his or her means, that’s a red flag of financial irresponsibility.
  • There’s no plan to aggressively get out of debt:If your significant other ignores calls from creditors, isn’t opening mail and doesn’t have a specific strategy to get out of debt, you should be very concerned.

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