Need personal space? Here is a reason why some people don’t want personal space.

Need personal space? Here is some reasons why some people don’t want personal space.

In a study conducted by the University of Western Ontario, found that neurotransmitter in the brain called dopamine could be a key component in regulating social space.

They observed fruit flies, and observed those with little dopamine and others with high dopamine. Why fruit flies? Because fruit flies share much of the same genetic makeup as humans such as behavior, neurobiology and diseases.

Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that helps control the brain’s reward and pleasure center.

Low dopamine – lack of motivation, fatigue, addictive behavior, mood swings and memory loss.

The less dopamine you have the less you want to be around people.

Need help boosting dopamine? It’s in your favorite foods, almonds, apples, avocados, bananas, beets, chocolate,

Temporary dopamine boosts that you need to avoid: saturated fats, heavy sugary drinks such as soda, artificial sweeteners, drugs, sex, and alcohol, just to name a few.



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