A religious experience at J. Cole 4 Your Eyez Only Tour

J. Cole rocked the mic at his 4 Your Eyez Only Tour at Barclays this Tuesday.

This wasn’t any ordinary concert and the setup of the stage was centered giving concertgoers a 360 view of J. Cole.

Opening acts were up and coming R&B soul singer Ari Lennox, rapper Bas, and rapper/drummer/singer Anderson Paak.

The concert was running early. Yes, early! Which never happens but it was well worth it.

It’s not hard to see why there are so many die-hard Cole fans from all different walks of life.

J. Cole walked in an orange jumpsuit shackled like an inmate walking into the 360 concert stage lined with barbed wire and set up with cameras at each corner imitating prison. The screams of fans reverberated through Barclay’s stadium making this visual art imitation of real life issues deafening. Clearly this was not your usual concert. He came on stage pumped, unshackled from handcuffs he grabbed the mic and let Brooklyn know NYC is his second home and the struggles we faced are still present and nothing has changed.

Performing his old hits to new, not one moment went by where I did not see one fan not sing along.

He took a minute to interject during his set to encourage people to let loose and to live in this moment. Fans sang and rapped along all night in what felt like a revival incorporating visual pieces of each song from ‘She’s Mine’ and the most pressing one was him explaining the meaning of, ‘Neighbors,’ where his neighbors called the police on him because they thought he really was selling dope.

His lyrics not only speak of his truth but resonate with those who are struggling to be vulnerable. In this moment, I finally understood the power of music, the power of lyrics, the power of presence with the ability make others feel a human connection.


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