10 Types of Women that men do not want to marry

According to professional matchmaker and relationship expert who surveyed 1,000 men found, these are the women, that men do NOT want to marry!

-Miss “Bossy” – you have to do everything I say

-Miss “Playing games with his heart” – stringing him along, only plays up her love when she needs it

-Miss “I want to change you” – there’s always the one who wants to change his style, change his attitude, change his feelings towards his friends and family.

-Miss “Suspicious/Jealous” all the time – the one who always is jealous when he hangs out with anyone but her

-Miss “Daddy Issues” – The one dates older and is looking for a father figure. Looking for his approval and the answer to all of her questions.

-Miss “I live for you and I have nothing else going on” – exactly just that!

-Miss “I speak to my mother five times a day about everything” – Even calling their mom discussing about his annoying habits and calling her mom to side with her!

-Miss “I shouldn’t be saying this but” –

-Miss “Keeping with up the Joneses” – spends way too much money

-Miss “I don’t eat” – the one who has food issues and picks her food and complains about her diet

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