Scientific Reason Why Your Spouse Said Another Woman’s Name

We are obsessed with FRIENDS. Definitely one of the best shows that we can always watch on repeat and the storylines are still relevant til this day.

Anyway, we all remember that scene where Ross is getting ready to wed Emily but says Rachel’s name at the Altar.

Now there’s a REAL scientific reason behind why he said his ex Rachel’s name instead of his fiancee’s name Emily!


via Moviepilot:

Ironically enough, scientists now believe that the reason we say a list of other people’s names before getting to the correct name of the person we are addressing could be because we are highly fond of them.

Speaking to NPR, scientist Samantha Deffler discussed her findings which she published in the Memory & Cognition journal and stated that contrary to popular belief, it’s not the result of a bad memory, it’s just that, like a computer, we have different cognitive ‘folders’ for friend names, and family names.

Uh oh… a lot more guys are going to get away with this.

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