Drake Reignites Beef With Meek Mill During Philly Show


It looks like the beef between Drake and Meek Mill is back on. Last night during Drake’s Philadelphia show at the Wells Fargo Center, he reignited a feud that we all thought was long gone and put to rest. Knowing that Meek Mill takes pride in Philly being his hometown, Drake took advantage of the moment by throwing jabs at him live on stage.


For those who may not remember, Meek Mill went off over a year ago challenging Drake’s abilities as an artist, insisting that the Toronto-native rapper uses ghostwriters. Soon after, Drake dropped two diss tracks shutting down his accusations. And while most thought it was over, Drake made it a point to call Meek Mill out during his show in his hometown last night. While performing Back to Back, the diss track that most believe ended Meek Mill’s career, Drake labeled Meek Mill and Pu**y and challenged his


As expected, Meek Mill didn’t hold his tongue for too long. In a since deleted series of posts, Meek Mill claims that Drake required local police to escort him from the building after his show.


When u run out the back door wit 12 and use the “old man” 2 save you! I’m done ‘you had Philadelphia swat with you’ Ima go head hang it up with these suckas. Had y’all tucked in back there for hrs lol #stillrunning


Since Meek Mill’s Instagram rant, He’s changed his caption to, ”The trap will be forever lit….. mad that commercial talk can’t effect the kid! My hood was out last night! DC4 Sept…………….”


Thanks to Drake’s latest stunt, onlookers and fans of both parties have lashed out labeling his actions  either a poor choice or funny as hell. Aside from the fans, HOT97’s Rosenberg took to Twitter to speak on Drake’s “meaningless” content, referring to him as a soft actor.




What do you think of Drake’s reaction to being in Meek Mill’s hometown? Regardless of whatever Drake’s goal was with this, it seems like Meek is completely unbothered this time around. Seeing that this beef started over a year ago, Drake probably could’ve kept the adlibs to himself. Check out the video below and let us know what you think.


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