Early On-set of Puberty is Dangerous 

More and more kids are hitting puberty at an earlier and earlier age. Though some studies have shown this could be a result of diet and hormones.

Now another study shows that when children hit puberty at an earlier age than expected it can actually be dangerous for you.

via Seeker:

For one thing, it can make you shorter. Studies show that when kids hit early growth spurts via precocious puberty, the bones’ growth plates don’t work properly during later development periods, resulting in shorter stature in adulthood. Precocious puberty has also been correlated with type-2 diabetes, adult-onset asthma and even breast cancer.

Even more worrisome are the psychological factors. Early onset puberty puts kids at a higher risk for stress, depression and a number of associated issues. Studies suggest it can cause children to become sexually active at a younger age and lead to eating disorders or addiction problems.

Which makes a sad kind of sense: Early puberty bumps the body into physical maturity before the brain is ready to handle it. As puberty continues to kick in earlier, psychologists recommend that parents be mindful of these issues and keep lines of communication open.


Source: Why Is Early Puberty So Dangerous?

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